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Thursday, January 25, 2007


My yarn finally came, both the original order and they re-sent the order came the same day. I decided to keep them both. Due to my overly truthful nature I called Knit Picks and told them to charge me for the second order. My friends think I'm nuts.

I started a scarf for my friend out of the lace yarn, but I'll be frogging it tonight because I totally hozed it on row 16. I swear I'll get this pattern!

I'm going to a knit-a-long tonight for the first time, so of course I have sprouted a giant cold sore. How un-cool. I'm sure I'll be totally comfortable meeting all those new people with a giant upper lip. Oh the shame!

I took my Möbius Strip to work today, it's like a worry stone, I can turn it and turn it and it makes me feel better.

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