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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hat and Sock and Frogging Tales

I got some yarn from the Jolly Ewe on Etsy this last week and I couldn't help but cast on, even though I am in the middle of a zillion other projects.

I also have a pair of socks that I have started knitting more than twice now and I'm getting tired of failing with that particular ball of yarn. I think it is cursed. My friend Jessica has bravely said she would accept the current sock, as long as I knit the other, because it is too big for me but might fit her. I'm thinking about it but it is at the bottom of my list, having frustrated me one too many times.

The sweater vest that I started for mom was frogged this week. It was lovely but rather large. I'll try again, maybe the front panel first this time.

I finished Dr. Daddy's hat. It is modeled by my dear son here who is being blinded by the afternoon sun. He wanted to keep the hat for himself but I will make one for him later, instead.

I recently bought a spinning wheel and I am completely clueless about how to use it. I have signed up for a couple of classes but they are almost 2 months away. I will take the wheel with me on vacation this week and see if I can produce anything from it.

I have also googled all the yarn shops within 50 miles of where I am staying and I hope to see them all, or at least a good portion of them. That is if the males in the family will allow me.

I'm taking my Jolly sock and mom's sweater and this month's square with me. If I need more knitting than that I'll buy some yarn at one of the lovely yarn shops I hit during my travels.

Oh, I almost forgot!

I've done two things I don't normally do in the last couple of weeks.

One: I sewed myself a skirt for Halloween. I don't usually sew anything more difficult than gift bags so this was an accomplishment for me.

Two: Then I did something else new to me. I dyed some sock yarn. I love green so I'm pretty happy with the way this came out.