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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Red Hat...and I don't mean Linux

I'm working on a red hat for Matthew. It is the simplest thing I've done since my natural cotton hat at the beginning of the year. But true to form, I didn't knit a swatch and made it too small the first time. I've begun again and am just done with the ribbed bit.

Yesterday I got mini-cookie cutters. I want to try needle felting, all I need is some wool now and I'll be ready to try making fantastic felt appliques. I'll be sure to post a picture when I've got something to show.

I'm heading to Indianapolis on Monday, and I've just bought some wooden sock dpns to take with me. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get a sock out of the trip.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Emily's Scarf

I have completed Emily's lace scarf. It took me way too long to finish, and I'm not 100% sure I like the results. But, the proof will be in the pudding so to speak. I'll give it to her this morning and see if she likes it.
I found out yesterday that I will be going on a business trip next week. I'll have to get my knit-a-long square sometime before then so that I don't fall behind. I already didn't do my "extra" square for January. I'm doing a 20 square afghan instead of the 12 that are being worked by everyone.
I started a hat because I need something mindless for awhile since this scarf was so challenging for me. It is a pretty red. I should have it done by the weekend.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hip to be square.

On Superbowl Sunday I knitted this square for Warm Up America. After reading their website a little more, though, I'm not sure I want to send them a square, but rather a finished afghan sounds better. I'll continue working on it.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Square 15

Here it is, Square 15 from Leisure Arts 60 Easy to Knit Pattern Stitches Combine to Create Sampler Afghans. Anyway, that is the book that we're using for the Knit-A-Long. It is our first square and I'm happy to have it completed. I hope someday it grows up (blocks) to be a square.

I've made some progress on Emily's scarf, it's now almost 1/3rd done. I'm teasing her something awful about it. I left a yarn butterfly on her desk last week so that she knows it will be super soft and what a great color it is.

I'm actually going to do something social today! My family is going out to dinner with another couple. I know, it is hard to believe the hermits are going out. It would be for FOOD. :)

I've also started a hat for my DH. He's been coveting the organic cotton number I finished not too long ago so I thought I would make something nice for him.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Knit Night

This last week was a week of firsts for me. Last Thursday I went to my first Knit-A-Long. We'll be making an Aran (and more!) afghan. The first block is cabled and I am 4/5ths done. I've decided that I am going to try to knit this afghan continental and see how it goes. So far it goes slowly and less accurately. It does roughly look like a cabled block, though. Last night I went to my first Knit Night at my LYS. It was really nice. I even brought along my troublesome scarf that I am knitting for my friend Emily. I wanted to find out if there was ever going to be hope for it to lay flat. It is rolling something fierce now. I was totally reassured that it will be OK. I am considering getting blocking wires, though. All in all I shed a bit of my hermitude and am learning a lot about knitting from a wonderful bunch of gals at my LYS. It's been great!