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Saturday, May 5, 2007

lots going on

I have been BUSY! It is an especially crazy time of year at work. We have new clients, old clients to take care of, transition clients who have special needs and we are trying to figure out staffing needs for the rest of the year without knowing who the rest of our new contracts will be and what they are going to implement.

My knitting reflects this chaos.

First up is the square I am doing for the knit-a-long from my LYS. Its a bobble rib and I'm more than 2/3rds done.

Next is my cardigan. I'm stoked about this one but I am knittting slllowwwwly because my next class isn't until the 20th and I've done more than 1/2 the homework already.

Then, there is the other sock. I can't really say why it is I've only knit an inch, except...

I suppose it is possible that I've spent altogether too much time on my Druid. :) She's level 28 and I'm enjoying the heck out of playing her.