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Friday, March 1, 2013

People have started to notice

A few people have now mentioned to me that I seem thinner, or that my shape has changed.  My massage therapist said I must have lost 15 lbs.  (I had only lost 10 at the time)  This makes me feel good about what I am doing.

To that end, I made some changes in the last week.  I have moved my parking spot from in the basement of the garage to the top floor of the garage so that I have to climb up more stairs, and I have started climbing the stairs to the 7th floor in the morning before work.  It is HARD.  I assume it will get easier.

Last night I went to the pub, and after accounting for all the calories consumed/imbibed I was well over my goal/exercise calories for the day.  So I got on the elliptical and worked out.  Total buzz killer but at least I got up this morning and didn't weigh more than the day before.

OH!  I got my new scale in the mail yesterday and it syncs automatically with my computer.  How's that for sweet?  Unfortunately it tells me that I am 1/3 FAT.  UGH.  I still have a long way (weigh) to go.

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