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Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting there!

Today I am ordering more than half of the yarn we'll need for the Sock Summit. It's a big purchase and I hope that it will all turn into beautiful yarn.

On the knitting front I have begun sock number two of the Escher socks that I am making for my son. I really love these socks and will probably knit another pair bigger for me later.

I have set aside a skein of yarn to knit next. It is a variegated number with brown green and bright pink. I'm thinking of knitting a toe-up pattern from Wendy D. Johnson. I'm also thinking of a scarf. It's so hard to decide and there is so much potential in a brand new skein.
Oh, and this is the gorgeous lily pad Shelby of gave us to take pictures on. Isn't it perfect? Just the right size, shape color. I'm so happy with it and grateful to her for making it for us.

This weekend should be full of fun, knitting and sunshine!

1 comment:

Trish said...

I think the yarn looks great on the new lily pad!