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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday was Saturday. The Saturday after my review, salary increase and bonus. It was a happy Saturday. One day that I could say "yes!" during. Matthew ordered his new laptop, our very first Mac. I went to Kathy's Knit Korner and bought sock yarn, and needles and the Magic Loop book for my class today. Then I cast on...

I know this is cheating. My class doesn't start until this afternoon and I'm supposed to be doing my first sock in worsted weight. I couldn't help cheating a little. I loved the yarn too much. I promise, I didn't learn anything yet.

Oh, and I also finished Matthew's Red Hat. The perpetual hat, the hat of a bazillion stitches. I know, he's handsome, what can I say?

Now, off to Magic Loop class. :)

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