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Monday, April 23, 2007

Half there

This week I've been busy, sick and very challenged by my sock. But here she is...ain't she a beauty? I am starting my cardigan class on Sunday so I have to swatch for it and finish my square for the knit-a-long. Has it really been a WHOLE MONTH since I started that square?!?! Anyway, I can't wait to finish the other sock to match. I may have to take them right out for a walk. I think they could be my favorite WIP yet this year.

I chose ECO Wool for my circumnavigated cardigan. I've not worked with it before so I'm excited to do so.

I'm also pondering a square for a heirloom blanket for my knit-night buddy Stephanie. I chose light pink for my square and I'm thinking I'm going to choose some kind of lace pattern but I haven't picked it yet, and I want one that isn't too airy. I could end up with cables but I hope to find something new.

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